Sunday, May 17, 2009

Welcome Miss Lila Skye Burke

Lila (lil-a), Sanskrit word meaning “Divine Play.” Like Lila, art and play are a gift, coming from a place of joy, self-discovery, and inner knowing.
Skye, the endless expanse of the deep blue.
More pictures here:


Cheryl said...

Beautiful Bambino!
Welcome to the world Miss Lila Skye!
You are indeed "divine"!
Happy Happy to you, Vela and John too!

BJ Lantz said...


robin zingone said...

your blog always makes me smile, but today I am smiling from ear to ear.

Chickengirl said...

ahhhhh!!! Hello, Lila!!!! Congratulations, Vela and John!! Big hugs!

margot said...

CONGRATS! what a beautiful name and beautiful baby!!!!!

ellencrimitrent said...

super congrads Vela!! she is a cutie- now get your rest!