Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A Long Road

I said I would be back in the Fall, and now it's nearly Spring. The road I chose made this harder. Miss Lila is home with me, and I haven't quite figured out how one makes artwork with a baby underfoot. I am grateful to have the choice to have her at home with me. I realize that with time more pockets of time will appear. Right now I am enjoying every last minute of this new adventure. Luckily I had some things in the works before Miss Lila joined the party. Product shots coming up.


Cheryl said...

Welcome back Mz Vela! I have enjoyed every moment of checking in on lil Mz Lila Skye's "Chickpea" site and seeing her daily journey through her first months on the planet! She is beautiful and you and John are great parents:) Welcome to the world Lila Skye, it's a grand adventure:)

Happy creating new art Vela!

Vela said...

Thank you for the warm welcome back Mz Cheryl.

paperdoll said...

Welcome back, Vela!
I have to agree with everything Cheryl has said. Your blog is absolutely beautiful. It's been fun watching your journey.