Thursday, July 24, 2008

Your Seat

©Herman Miller - Aeron Chair
As artists, we spend a lot of time sitting, either at a drawing table, or in front of the computer. The seat we sit in is therefore very important. Mine is awful and in need of replacing. I've been researching some great looking office chairs, and I can't believe how expensive some of them are. I'm trying to go with the cost-per-use theory (that if you divide the cost-per-use, it'll be pennies per day). So I am curious, do you have a seat you love to spend 8 hours in?


kate said...

my chair blows. i bought it years ago at Staples for like $20.00. I am getting that Aeron Chair when I get a big royalty check...waiting...waiting...waiting. Everyone at H's office has one. And the the secretary starting salary (22 year olds) is 3 figures...So they are comfortable AND make good money. I'm thinking of a new line of work. I can type and fax things...what do you think? Wait a second...aren't you on vacation right now??? And you're blogging???? go have a martini, you should be ashamed of yourself!

morgan said...

i sit in a herman miller chair at my new temp job :)

Vela said...

what?! i can't believe you're sitting in an aeron chair everyday. lucky girl.