Friday, December 19, 2008

Homework - Final Assignment

I was waiting for a sunny day to photograph my final assignment, but I fear the sun may not return to NY until May.
Our final assignment was about boxes. We talked about Joseph Cornell and his amazing boxes, and about the structure of boxes in general. Our assignment was to create a 'Box of Desires'. The audience should be able to guess what your desire is from looking at the box. Can you guess?It's not a house, although that is on my short list. It's a little art studio. A free standing room of my own. I picture it a short 5 minute commute through a flower garden in our backyard. It's also by the sea (why not? we're dreaming here). I would spend my days making art, and in the evening, close the door and leave it behind. Boxes also have an interior, and that had to be part of our desire as well. What does the inside reveal?It's a heart that reads "Where thou ART, that is home" by Emily Dickinson. I'm using Emily's words to imply a slightly different meaning. Art has always been home for me. From simple scribblings as a child, endless hours spent doing meticulous pencil drawings, to the work I do every day. Art has happened on the dining room floor, the kitchen table, and the corner studio in the living room. So if that art studio by the sea never materializes, it's ok, because "Where thou ART, that is home."

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