Friday, December 5, 2008

A Mural

My friends M&M are expecting a little bundle of joy on Christmas day. They asked me if I could help decorate the little ones nursery, and I jumped at the idea. They had a theme in mind, because the baby's sex will be a surprise, even to them, they wanted something unisex. M (Mommy-to-Be) requested a monkey family in the jungle. I worked up a couple of ideas, and they choose their favorite. The thing is we are a state apart, so they were taking on the actual painting of the mural. I gave them a crisp black and white line drawing that they projected on the wall. Then M (Daddy-to-Be) painted the entire mural. I think he did a wonderful job, and I know each brushstroke was painted with love. Everything is better with love as the extra ingredient.


Kate Honarvar said...

soooo cute Vela, and he did a GREAT job painting, that's really cool that you were able to do that! I am working on Jungle Animals fabric right now too, my office is filled with images of vines and monkeys and parrots, etc. :-)

Anonymous said...

A message from M&M: Vela is awesome! We couldn't have asked for a better design!!