Wednesday, February 4, 2009

I Won

I have met so many wonderful artists in my almost 5 years in the licensing industry. (Can you believe it's almost 5 years Kate?!) From classmates while I was learning the ropes, booth neighbors and artists down the hall at Surtex, to fellow artist bloggers. One of those fellow artist bloggers was recently hosting a giveaway, and I won. Robin Zingone makes fabulous art. It's the kind of art that looks like it flowed out of her pen in one seamless stroke. There's a freshness and simplicity to her work that I'm guessing is deceiving. Being a fellow artist, I know the steps it takes to get to that simplicity. Still, it's the mark of a true artist to be able to arrive there with the art still feeling fresh. I was thrilled to open her package and find two stacks of her fabulous Great Arrow cards. Being a fellow Great Arrow artist, I share Robin's love of their product. They are truly little works of art. Thank you Robin.


BJ Lantz said...

Isn't Ms. Zingone the bomb? I don't know how anyone could be more fabulous :-) I won some of her cards a while back and just love, love, love them. And being a fellow Great Arrow artist, I too adore their product. Some of the nicest cards out there!

Anonymous said...

What a sweet surprise to see my work on your blog Vela...and I am so happy you were the winner. We are definitely both members of the mutual admiration society!