Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Nesting Birds

* I feel like I should preface this post (and some upcoming posts) by saying that Baby, and Baby Shower have always been one of my favorite categories to work on. This is not something new, and I promise all of my posts will not feature baby art.

That being said, our newest Baby Shower Tableware set has just come out, and it is called 'Nesting Birds' (sort of what John and I feel like right now). It features a Mommy bird and Daddy bird, joyfully looking in on their new baby. The colors are unisex and would be great for any baby shower. I really love the centerpiece item, and the coordinating birds nest. I think this is a really sweet baby shower theme, and perfect for any upcoming Spring Showers.

As I mentioned, my love for this category is not new. Some of our other available Baby Shower themes are Stroller Fun, Love Bug, Mommy Chic, Sweet Pea, and Baby Glow. There are so many more in my sketchbook just waiting to find a good home. Having my art be part of such a joyful event, welcoming a new member to our human tribe, is really sweet to me, and keeps me thinking of new themes and ideas for this category.

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Anonymous said...

I love this... especially since you made pink and blue work so well together without making it saccharine sweet...very hip, very kawaii!