Monday, March 23, 2009


My friends and family pulled off a surprise baby shower for me this weekend in PA. No one seems to believe I was surprised though. I'm teasing that they either think I'm brighter than I am, or they don't know how far I'll travel just to have brunch with them (I thought I was meeting my girls for brunch). I am not one for being the center of attention, but everything was so nice. All of the little touches, like John and my SIL scheming to decorate with one of my baby shower collections. The diaper wreathe and diaper cake designed by Miss S, our very own Martha. The time spent planning so I would be surprised, and all of the gifts were just wonderful. One particularily touching gift was a basket of favorite children's books, with a special note inscribed inside from each person. The notes mentioned why this particular book was a favorite, or held a special message for our new family to-be. Well, I am a sucker for books. I probably read one inscription before I started crying. I immediately thought about the 'one day sooness' of it. One day soon, I'll be reading these books to Chickpea. One day soon, he or she will smile at us while we read his or her favorite story. One day soon I'll be able to tell Chickpea about each person that gave each special book. As Miss A's inscription read "You are already so loved by so many," and well, that just melts my heart. Thank you everyone for planning such a special day for us.

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Miss Wanderlust said...

What a super fun day!! Don't you just love good friends and family ? :)