Monday, March 30, 2009

Taxes & Water Damage

I think that headline says it all. We came home to water damage from the upstairs apartment on Friday. We were planning a nice dinner out because it's restaurant week in Brooklyn, but instead we were faced with buckets of yucky water pouring down from above. Our carpet was soaked through, and all I kept thinking about was mold. Then we spent Sunday getting our tax information together. So not fun, and so not what I wanted to be doing. We have 7 weeks until Chickpea is due to arrive, and I had wanted to clean and organize everything. Now I am faced with contractors, sheet rock, plaster, and a big mess. I wont say anymore because it's too depressing. I'll be back tomorrow with something fun hopefully.


Kate Honarvar said...

ughhhhh Vela. So sorry, but it will totally be all taken care of in time for Baby B. don't worry about it too much, much more fun things to focus on in your near future!

Aimee Sicuro said...

Ohhhh NO! Sorry to hear that V. Maybe you could come stay with us until the repairs are done :)