Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Our assignment this week was to make a collage of a memory. I decided on the memory of sailing with my Grandpop as my theme. My Grandpop loved to sail. His boat was in the Chesapeake Bay, and we took many trips on it. I loved hanging my legs over the side, and having the waves crash up on them. Later, when I was older, Grandpop let me man the rudder. The skies were blue, the sails blew open, and the smiles were wide.


BJ Lantz said...

What a cute collage and lovely memory! I remember my grandpa used to let me sit on his lap and steer his huge Oldsmobile into the driveway - I always looked forward to it whenever we went somewhere.

goooooood girl said...
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Kate Honarvar said...

Vela, such a nice story and I'm pretty sure you were the CUTEST kid ever on the planet (other than Lucie of course...) I just want to squeeze little Vela!