Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stroller Fun

Sometimes when we create a design, we wonder how it'll be received. You should definitely design for yourself, but what you like may undoubtedly not be what an Art Director likes, much less the marketing group, or focus group. And in the end, in this business, the big question is "Will the customer like it?" Sometimes, I think, it's a guessing game, and you just have to go with your gut. I really wondered how this design would be received. I crossed my fingers as it went through the process from 1" sketch to real live product, and happily, it has been well received.

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BJ Lantz said...

Isn't that the truth? I was a graphic designer for nearly 20 years before I got into licensing 7 years ago and I work better with an assignment ~ give me parameters! However, as we know, this industry is all about "send me something and I'll see if I like it". I've always said I can sit here in the studio and design my littler heart out without hitting exactly what an art director wants (I think because they often don't know what they want!). In any event, you get lucky sometimes, they like and you hope the consumer LOVES it in the end!