Friday, August 15, 2008

Bryce - Tour de Force

Our second day in Bryce was packed with activity. We did the morning hike with the group into the canyon, and then we did the extended hike with two other members of our group, and our leader. Walking through the hoodoos, instead of looking down at them was a whole new perspective. After our long hike, we had lunch, and decided to join the group for the 32 mile bike ride. This is were my headline comes in. Bryce is not flat, and a hilly 32 miles is a long way to go. John and I completed 2/3 of the ride, and could have gotten in the van (which is available at different parts on the ride) but we couldn't give up. So despite the rain, high elevation, and exhaustion, we finished our Tour de Force.

PS - These pictures are not from that day, because I could hardly hold my head up, much less a bike. We took these the next day, after the best, most fun bike ride I've ever been on. It was a roller coaster ride through red canyon.

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