Friday, August 15, 2008

Zion - Day 5

On day 5, it was time to pack up camp again, and head off to our final destination, Zion National Park. From the National Parks brochure: "Immutable yet ever changing, the cliffs of Zion stand resolute, a glowing presence in late day, a wild calm. Melodies of water soothe desert parched ears, streams twinkle over stone, wren song cascades from red-rock cliffs, cottonwood leaves jitter on the breeze. But when lighting flashes waterfalls erupt from dry cliffs, and floods flash down waterless canyons exploding log jams, hurling boulders, croaking wild joyousness, and dancing stone and water and time. Zion is alive with movement, a river of life always here and always changing." No wonder Zion was John's favorite. "All this is the music of waters." John Wesley Powell, 1895.

On our first day in Zion, we headed out for a hike in 'The Narrows'. The Virgin River is usually pure, but there was a flash flood warning the day we were there. The muddy hue to the water is all the sediment washing into the river.

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