Friday, August 15, 2008

Zion - Day 7

On the last day of the trip, we headed out for an 18 mile bike ride through Zion. There are no cars allowed on the main road, so we only had to pull over for an occasional shuttle bus. The only other traffic we encountered were herds of wild turkeys. It was a clear road, on a perfectly sunny day, just our small group, and the beauty of Zion. The ride that morning was pretty flat, so we were able to enjoy the view without being exhausted. John spent a good part of the ride looking back for me.

At the end, we were sad that the trip was over, even if John was looking forward to a real bed. Spending time in nature does wonders to your soul. There is nothing like what mother nature created. It can all make you feel so small, and so expansive all at once. We are so happy we finally headed out to see that part of the country.

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aimee sicuro said...

Welcome Back!
That looks like it was such an adventure! It seems to me that you both look very happy on the west side :)