Friday, August 15, 2008

Grand Canyon - Day 4

Our big hike at the Grand Canyon was the Kaibab trail. We were hiking into the Canyon, so we knew the hike out would be longer. We were outfitted with 3 bottles of water each, and as much Gorp as we could carry (Gorp I learned is an acronym for taril mix, and it stands for Gold Old Raisins and Peanuts). On our way down we passed two groups of people on their mule rides. Mules are surprisingly big animals, and less surprisingly, very stinky. The smell they left behind will never leave my memory. We made it to our destination, and after filling up on Gorp we headed back up.

Hiking back out of the Canyon was exhausting, and we all laughed after we saw (from looking at the map) that we had not even covered 1/4 of the trail into the canyon. The hike down is 14 miles. We left that for another time, and another adventure.

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