Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Birthday Notes

The new year brings out new Everyday designs (Birthday, Baby, Wedding, etc.) This is our new general Birthday tableware design. My favorite part of the design process is solving the problem, or 'concepting.' I think I approach all of our projects this way because I was a Graphic Designer first. Graphic Design is all about solving visual problems. In the social expression industry, the 'problems' are usually the same. How do you say Birthday in a new way? What hasn't been done? Nothing. Still, I try to come at the subject with a slightly new twist. The best feeling is that moment, that instant, when a solution flashes in your mind. It feels especially wonderful if you've been wracking your brain over it, in the shower, in your sleep, and even when you don't realize it. That single moment is my favorite part of the creative process. With 'Birthday Notes' we thought about the birthday song, the one we all sing at every birthday. It's something very common, so we had to try and find an uncommon solution. We hope it appeals to you, and makes you hum the notes when you see it.

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Anonymous said...

I'm singing the song as I look at your fabulous design!