Monday, January 5, 2009

The Wishing Tree

One year, while in Spain over the holidays, we came upon this wishing tree. It wasn't in the center of town, but in a small courtyard, a treasure for those who stumbled upon it. I loved the way it looked when we walked up to it. I loved it even more when we realized what it was. At its base were little cards and pencils, and you were supposed to write your wish for the New Year and hang it in the tree's branches. When the wind blew through, it would hopefully carry those wishes into the New Year. I was in love with all of it. Just this year I realized what a beautiful tradition this could be. On New Year's Day we hung our own wishes on Henry's branches (our Christmas tree). When Henry goes over to the Mulchfest on Saturday, our wishes will be transfered to our Wish Box (we really are a wishful family.) And a new tradition is born...

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