Monday, January 12, 2009

Crazy Critters

Sometimes a design might not find the right home right away. I initially created what I endearingly call our Crazy Critters design for our studio holiday card in 2005. The characters were so fun to create, and I thought they would definitely bring a smile. Everyone enjoyed them, and I blew out the design to include the entire alphabet A-Z. I showed the design on a few different products (bags, tableware) and placed it in the portfolio. For the next 4 years, everyone laughed, smiled and awwed at the design. The loved it, but were not sure. Could they really place it? Finally, this past year, the great people at Design Design Inc decided that they needed to give the Crazy Critters a home. I think it was a perfect match, and I knew they would be in good hands. The samples just came in, and they look wonderful. Sometimes a design just takes awhile to find the right home. I believed those Crazy Critters would make it out of the portfolio one day, and soon they'll be running amock in a store near you.

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